[Bug]: An error occurred while saving the .lunacy file in .sketch (Fixed)

Hello, I recently updated to the latest Lunacy 3.10 and like many are reporting, at times it is impossible to save a file as ‘.sketch’. I am constantly getting this ERROR message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I anticipate that some objects / elements are related to other elements, which happens in any prototyping software, however there was never this problem with the previous Lunacy version (3.9.x).

When can we expect a fix for this troublesome issue, as I got a .sketch file to send back to a client?


Please describe which version of the application are you using? Windows Store, Installer, or Portable version?
Can you attach a file with which you are working or send to lunacy@icons8.com so that we can more quickly understand the problem?
Also, you can use previous versions of the application if you have fewer problems with them https://docs.icons8.com/release-notes/.

Hello Andrey,
thanks for your message.
I am using the ‘Installer’ version.
FYI, I also installed a previous version of Lunacy hoping to bypass the problem, however the files saved on version 3.10 could not be opened in version 3.9.1.

At the moment I am out (at work) and I don’t have my files with me to attach on this thread. Apart that given the nature of the task…I would need to simulate an example for you to see.

So, at the moment I can save files as a ‘.lunacy’ but not as .‘sketch’.
What I also noticed is that after I saved the file, closed the application + file, and repoened back, many of the elements (e.g. text, images, etc) had RED borders.

Like I said before, I could save files with ‘red border elements’ on the previous version of Lunacy 3.9.1, but not on 3.10.

I hope this information helps.

Please send a problem file so that we can accurately identify the problem.
Thank you.

Hello Andrey,
Thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay. How can I send you a file? It seems there is no way to attach a file. Do you have an email address?

UPDATE: I clicked on the ‘image’ icon to upload the file…but the site only allows me to attach image files (png jpg, etc).

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You can attach the file to the
Reply -> Upload (picture image)
Or if the file is private you can send it to lunacy@icons8.com as I wrote earlier

You really should increase the allowed file types to at least allow *.lunacy and *.zip files.

Search for “authorized extensions” in your Discourse admin panel on the “Settings” page.

Oh, thanks.
I corrected this point.

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Hello Andrew,
Just sent you the file via email.
LOoking forward for your feedback.

Thank you for providing the file, we will try to understand this problem.

Thanks Andrew,
Also FYI. Some of the elements, containers, text, etc are appearing with a red border and the worst case is that these red borders are visible when exporting the file as an image (e.g. png).
Would be great if you guys can find a way to have these borders disabled.

Thanks for report.
Will be fixed in version 3.11