[Bug] cannot masking objects inside a folder

i think there is a bug in lunacy where I can’t masking objects inside a folder, the masking feature works fine if my objects are not in a folder

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Hi there! Thank you for reaching out.

Please, DM me that file or attach it here. I’ll need to know your Windows version as well as the Lunacy version that you’re using.

it’s kinda hard to explain but when i save the file and open it again the masking inside a group is working, just try it yourself create a shape and a photo and group it and try to mask it. i am using windows 7 32 bit with lunacy 7.1

How many objects are there in your group? I managed to reproduce the issue with a group that consists of 2 objects only. If there are more than 2 objects, the mask works the way it should.

just 2 : the image and a shape, first I make those objects and group it and then select both and toggle mask it, the masking not working right away but if you save your file and open it again it works

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It’s a bug, you’re right. I let our devs know about it. Thank you for reporting it and for offering a workaround :star_struck:

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