[BUG] Can't drill down to select objects inside a group


this is in v3.15.2.0, automatically updated from windows app store

I create two text fields, add them to a group and then i can no longer edit text. Whenever i double click on the text box, the whole gorup gets selected. I have to un-group text fields to the “root”/artboard level, edit text, then re-group everything again. This is a pretty big one.

– edit: this is actually more general, i can’t double-click to “drill down” to an object inside a group. I can only select nested objects from the object navigator pane on the left, but double-click always selects the entire group. going back to the original issue, the only way to edit text is double-click, I’m kind of dead in the water right now.

– edit2: just occurred to me to check the shortcuts. sure enough, ctrl+double click works :+1: i don’t know if this is intentional or not, so i’ll leave the thread up


For text editing within a group you should use Ctrl+mouse_dbl_click


Yeah, but still, regardless of the text object, you can’t double-click to select objects nested within a group.


could you please send us the file to lunacy@icons8.com


sure thing, just sent :+1:


Uploading here as well - nestedStuff.sketch (5.9 KB)