Creating a library from a .sketch file


Is there a way I can use the library concept that is used in Sketch in Lunacy? For example, if I open a file that has a reference to symbols created in another file, is there a way for me to create the file that has the library symbols into a format that I can use in any other file by just invoking that newly created library the way it is done in Sketch?


Yes, Lunacy has this option too. Please, check our documentation on it here:


OK thanks! I see how it works now. I think that the challenge that I am experiencing is that I am working on some .sketch files that were created by using other .sketch libraries in the Sketch app but now certain references are not shown in Lunacy maybe because the library concept is not the same. I am wondering if there is a way to overcome that or if my only option is to replace the missing stuff manually? I feel like I’m getting closer but that there is something missing. What I mean is this: other people in my team are Mac users and they use .sketch libraries and only have to add them to Sketch for the concept to work. When I take one of their designs, I do not see the elements that are defined in the .sketch libraries even if I add the library to the UI-kit. Is there anything that I can do to get it to work?


Did you try opening the library file in Lunacy? Just opening, without importing it?
If so, were there any “broken” symbols straight away, or did they become broken after the file was integrated as a library?
Also, which way of sharing the library do you use: via Sketch cloud, or by using any alternative option (email, other cloud, etc.)?


I have resolved my issue. Thanks for following up!