Diversity and inclusion in icon design


I’ve had trouble finding icons that represent the diversity of my audience. (I’m currently using the “Cute Color” icons, so maybe other icon sets fare better.)

For example, searching for “Administrator” returns six human figures, all of which (including the “gender neutral user”) are white males:


Hey Doug, we would be happy to draw a custom set of icons to represent the diversity of your audience ;o) Please contact our chief designer Alexander: han@icons8.com


This is very important for us and our customers as well, and glad to see that others have raised this already.

We’d love if the team can do a holistic pass and ensure all icons with people have multiple gender variations. We really appreciate the diversity in many of the icons, but still see some examples like Teacher that only have a male version. Thanks!


Hi! :slight_smile:

Thank you, we’ll take this into account. We usually make our customer’s requests a priority, so we draw requested icons first of all. Plenty of our icons with people have different gender variations (including Teacher icon, for example, https://icons8.com/icons/set/teacher) but probably not all of them.

Now it’s a matter of time :wink:


Thanks @elenalo161, great to hear this!

We use the flat color style, so I’d only been searching that collection when looking at the teacher icon.

Overall it’s been great seeing the diversity across the set, just a few gaps left and looking forward to seeing those closed. Thanks!