Do you have plans to implement the Microsoft Office guidance for icons?

Despite of Windows 10 Icons, there is a guideline for icons that are to be used in addons for the desktop version of office.

Have a look. Unfortunately your icon set for office violates the guideline at a couple of points ;( Those are the ones I have spotted right away:

  • [Action is in top left corner]
  • [Colors]:
    • Use color to communicate meaning rather than for embellishment. It should highlight or emphasize an action, status, or an element that explicitly differentiates the mark.
    • If possible, use only one additional color beyond gray. Limit additional colors to two at the most.

Even before I have seen those guidelines I had the impression, that your office icons are way too colorful. You use colors for decorating icons, not to distinguish actions.

Yes, we plan to address these guidelines. Possibly we come up with a new style. The discrepancy is because these guidelines are relatively new. However, we have been drawing this icon set for years, in the absence of any guidelines.