Easter eggs in UI/UX design

Hey everyone!

I know there are many articles about the most popular :egg: Easter eggs on the net, but since there are many experienced web devs using icons8, would anyone share their personal masterpieces? Like what sort of digital fun you dared to do, was it something your client asked for, or you did it secretly and shared your achievement with accomplices later on? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To be honest, I reckon “experienced web devs” are too busy to worry about easter eggs. It really depends on the kind of apps you create, though. If I used business or design software and found some “funny” surprises there, I’d stop paying. It can be appropriate for games; in other cases, it’s a no-go for me.

I agree that Devs must meet the client’s mood, but I consider it a great means of informal engagement like spreading the virality all over the net which significantly expands brand awareness, as it gets spread among insiders when unexpectedly attracts someone’s attention and gains such an enormous burst of attention from the outside world :smiley:
That’s what hits me the most!

Dunno, never really came upon stuff like that in the apps. But I’m not a web developer either :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My friend did something like this upon customer’s request. They asked to create some funny thing to increase the engagement before Black Friday, so they collaborated with marketing and did the mailing telling clients about extra discounts if they invite friends and play a game on the website to gain extra points. That hit!

Looks like a good idea! I think gamification in marketing is a safe choice.
Once I was offered to play a little flash game in a live chat while waiting for an answer from a support team. The game was so cute that I nearly forgot I was angry because of some issue with their service! It’s not exactly marketing, but it worked pretty well :joy:

like that kind of stuff too, especially the flash games that google has. spent a lot of time playing the one with the jumping trex!


I’ve just found out the game is available online, it never came to my mind before :rofl: was so delighted by random happiness to play it offline, now a part of this magic is gone :expressionless:

Dayum!! Reading what you’re all talking about made me feel like Jon Snow, I literally know nothing about that stuff. Caught myself browsing the net for the last hour looking for ways to create such features with zero computer skills >_< now I have a crazy idea to insert the egg to my video channel, possibly to the youtube interface and announce the hunt, this will really make my followers move their asses and boost the engagement. Good article btw