Error on downloading icons


Since yesterday I can’t download icons anymore.





Hi Jasper!
We are aware of this issue and we are already fixing it. We will let you know by email when it is fixed.
Sorry for making you wait.


Do you have an ETA for the fix?


Often, I can’t download the icon, I’m not sure if this is the same problem.


Yes, it is the same issue, and we are in the process of fixing it. Hold on, it will be fixed soon!


Please let me know asap when the problem is fixed.


Sure, we will inform you asap!


I’m not sure if this problem has been resolved, because I can’t login with google account.


The issue with downloading our icons is supposed to be fixed for most of our clients. Please, give it a try and let us, if you still continue to experience any further difficulties with using our services.


When I login and select login with google, it takes me back to this page but there is no account in the right corner as it should be. And of course I can’t download the svg file.Screenshot%20(35)


Works for me (using regular login).


Hi there! We are really sorry about that problem. Our devs are fixing it right now!


Still waiting. :frowning:


This is still broken! I get 500 errors (seen in javascript console) when trying to download custom sized icons.

I have not been able to download a single custom-sized/format icon since paying for this service.

Not impressed.


Hello and sorry for awaiting! The problem seems to be faded away! Could you plz check it out if everything is okay?


Hello, friend! We are really sorry for that. We will do our best to resolve this problem. Could you make a screenshot with your console opened please?


Everything okay. Thanks. :smiley: