Exporting a whole project locally has no effect

Using latest version, I’m doing:


  1. Selecting the “Export” tab on the right side of the window.
  2. Clicking “Project” (to export whole project)
  3. Selecting “Local files” radio button
  4. “Size” = “1x”, “Suffix” = “” (blank), “Format” = “SVG” or “PNG”
  5. Clicking “Export”
  6. A folder selection dialog appears
  7. Confirm the folder with “OK”


Now, nothing happens. No files are created in the selected folder.

Expected results

The exports should have been written to the selected folder.

More information

In contrast, to exporting a whole project, when selecting “Assets” in the “Export” tab and having selected one or more elements in the main window, the export acutally is done.

In case it helps, here is an example Lunacy file that I used in the above steps (remove the .ZIP extension after download).