Exporting crops image erroneously

Using latest version, I’m having a simple file with only one element.



When exporting the selected element as PNG, it is cropped right and bottom:


(above is a zoomed screenshot of the PNG image in Paint.NET)

Doing an SVG export shows the same erroneous crop behaviour:


(above is a screenshot from Inkscape)

Expected results

Both, the SVG export as well as the PNG export should export the full selected element(s), without any cropping.

More information

In case it helps, here is an example Lunacy file that I used in the above steps (remove the .ZIP extension after download).

Im seeing the same problem when exporting to internet CDN. Using UweKeim’s file, here is what the results were:

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I have the same problem. SVG and PNG export create cropped images which are not usable :confused:
Any solutions ?

Please check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSUi8PJ9HjA&feature=youtu.be