Google fonts overriding installed fonts


Hello, I am currently using Lunacy

I am having a problem where typographic font assets from Google fonts is overriding the fonts available on my own computer.

Currently I have installed on my computer Noto Sans in the following weights:
black, bold, extrabold, extralight, light, medium, regular, semibold, thin.

However, when I try to change the font of some text in Lunacy, the only font weights that show up for Noto Sans is regular and bold - the same ones that are available through Google fonts.


Hello Alan!

Thank you for letting us know about the that! We have already started working on it, the problem will be fixed in the next releases. Thank you for helping to make our products better! :slight_smile:


Is there an approximate date you can give me? Perhaps you can add a toggle option (Use google fonts vs Use computer fonts).

Not everyone would want to exclusively use either (consider up-to-date computer fonts vs out-of-date computer fonts)


Iā€™m Having this issue as well. Is there a timeline for when the fix will happen?


Support for this program absolutely blows.


Hi there, MilkyP! And G-sorry for the late response. Have you tried the latest build?


Hi Alan. We are so sorry for keep you waiting. This is the link to the latest buid. We hope you enjoy it!


I think that did the trick! Thanks


You are always welcome, friend!


What on earth are you guys on about? How is anything fixed?

Where are all the other font weights?


Hi Alan and thanks for your report! This issue seems to be fixed now!


As in, you just fixed it? Because I am using version and the problem is still there.


Sorry for that, Alan. Im gonna pass it to our devs and reply as soon as i got the answer


Hi Alan. This issue is even worse that we thought. It will be fixed only in the next build. It will take a week or so. Sorry for that.


Thank you for following up on this matter.

I appreciate your professional patience and understanding.


Hi Alan! Lunacy 4.1.0 is now available! Hope you enjoy!