How can I cancel my subscription?


If you paid using a credit/debit card, you cancel your subscription in “My Account”

If you paid using PayPal you can cancel the subscription in your personal PayPal account.

If you’re still not sure how to unsubscribe, please contact us and we will cancel it for you.


Good day! Please cancel your account subscription In my account I can not do it for 3 days, gives an error!


Hi Alex! Yes, currently we are having this issue. It’s going to be fixed on our new backend approximately in June. I have canceled it for you; there will be no more charges!


Hi! I can’t cancel my subscription too. Do you know how I can do it or maybe you can unsubscribe me?


Hi! :slight_smile: I have canceled it for you. There will be no further charges.


Hi! I also can’t cancel the subscription. Can you unsubscribe me? My email:


Hi Katarzyna! Sure! I have canceled your subscription at renewal.