Icon requests for medical reporting in the style office

  • group of users (or patients/people) without specifying a sex (no male or female)
  • patient search
  • create new examination
  • edit examination
  • create report
  • edit report

An examination is also know as “study”. It has attributes like examination time, name of examiner, study description, reason for requested procedure. Most examinations have one or more reports. Reports are documents that summarize the examination in written form.


Here are the icons:
group of users — https://icons8.com/icon/34095/group
patient search — https://icons8.com/icon/86956/find-user-male
create new examination — https://icons8.com/icon/87602/treatment
edit examination — https://icons8.com/icon/87602/treatment + pencil overlay
create report — https://icons8.com/icon/92513/pie-chart-report
edit report — https://icons8.com/icon/92515/edit-pie-chart-report