Ios UI Kit seems to be missing objects


Evening Guys and Gals!

I’m a bit new to the userbase here. I am fiddling around with an App Idea but do not have a Mac to use Sketch. Found Lunacy for Windows through searching the web and it’s great! I am having a lot of success putting together the first few screens for my idea but I am having some trouble with the iOS UI Kit under Libraries > UI Kits > Apple iOS. Many of the objects seem to be missing some of their components, and show up as little diamonds with Question Marks inside as if it was some font I was missing or something.

I’ve searched around and found that on MacOS this can be a missing font pack called SF, so I dug that up and converted all the OTF files to TTF files and installed them in windows for my local user but I am still getting all these little error question mark jobbies.

I am sure there is something I have failed to spot or do during setting up my environment but I am unsure what it is.

As an example if I select Bars > Home Indicator > iPhone > Dark - Landscape. It looks like the attached image.

What am I doing wrong? Capture


Hello and welcome to Lunacy community!

We’ve checked the issue on our end, and here is the result:
the symbols were exchanged for a text in one of the iOS UI Kit library versions and are now similar to Emojis in a way of how they work.

Lunacy doesn’t support Emojis yet, which is why you keep seeing the question marks.

The best solution we have to this now is to wait a bit till the release of the version 5.2 of the app. The new version will contain an option for users to add their own libraries, so if you add this UI Kit into it, everything should work fine: iOS UI Design.sketch (3.3 MB)

Please note, that the Kit in the file is not as up-to-date as the original one, but it should work well for your purpose for sure.