Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< The First Alpha Build Is Here!


We are proud to announce the first official alpha build!

:dizzy: We’ve added

  • An acrylic effect to the application window

  • The new way of trimming artboard headers

  • Ability to finish editing shape with Enter

  • Ctrl + mouse_double_click to start editing grouped text

  • Mouse_double_click at Symbol instance to start editing

  • Ability to change pages order in the list with drag&drop as in the object list

:boom: We’ve fixed issues with

  • Positioning fills

  • Corner radius use

  • Changing fill in editing mode

  • Objects and artboards backlighting

  • Vector tool incorrect inheritance of the styles

  • Changing the border settings of the vector path

  • Wrong saving of editing steps (styles copying and editing) (27.8 MB)

Tell us about bugs or incorrect behavior of some features you’ll find in this build.

Rectangle rotations not saved

:beetle: We know about the issues with

  • Line editor

  • Bullet lists

  • Using some fonts
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for fonts you find not working.

  • Selecting an object

  • Objects positioning
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for .sketch files with this problem and screenshots with an original view.

  • Flip for rotated objects

  • SVG export and import

  • First-time using google fonts

  • Dotted border for rectangles

  • An indent in a numbered list

  • Work of dimension lines

  • Saving events as undo steps

  • Copying artboard with guidelines

  • Resizing SVG images and groups

  • Changing a view of the mouse cursor

  • Copying styles of the group of objects

  • Applying Union to several lines and shape

  • Flip of the grouped objects and SVG images

  • Work area render in the scale and scroll process

  • Using a huge corner radius for a small rectangle

  • Panels of advanced typography and color picker

  • United objects that were rotated and flipped before

  • Backlighting and manual input of the value in the scale list

  • Accessibility of subtracting, intersection and difference for shapes

  • Rotating groups that consist of several rotated shapes with shadows

Here are some issues we are aware of, and our team is working on them. Just check not to waste your time writing about bugs that are already found.



Great to see the alpha program here. @tibring is the hero of the month!

Lunacy never launching

NEW Lunacy alpha version is HERE

:dizzy:We’ve added

  • New Symbols panel :gem:

  • Search for the objects tree :gem:

  • Underline text option

:dizzy:We’ve fixed issues with

  • Snapping

  • Line editor

  • Border & line settings

  • A flip for rotated objects

  • Rotation of grouped objects

… Read more and get new build