Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< Snapping fixed!



  • New Symbols panel :gem:

  • Search for the objects tree :gem:

  • Underline text option


  • Snapping

  • Line editor

  • Border & line settings

  • A flip for rotated objects

  • Rotation of grouped objects

  • Saving events as undo steps

  • Copying artboard with guidelines

  • Resizing SVG images and groups

  • XAML code builder for grouped objects

  • A flip of grouped objects and SVG images

  • United objects that were rotated and flipped before (27.2 MB)

Tell us about the bugs you’ll find in this build.

Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< The First Alpha Build Is Here!

:beetle:We know about the issues with

  • Bullet lists

  • Using some fonts
    :postal_horn:We’ll be thankful for fonts you find not working.

  • Objects positioning
    :postal_horn:We’ll be thankful for .sketch files with this problem and screenshots with an original view.

  • SVG export and import

  • Borders for united shapes

  • Dotted border for rectangles

  • An indent in a numbered list

  • Work of dimension lines

  • Copying artboard with guidelines

  • Changing a view of the mouse cursor

  • Copying styles of the group of objects

  • Work area render in the scale and scroll process

  • Using a huge corner radius for a small rectangle

  • Panels of advanced typography and color picker

  • Backlighting and manual input of the value in the scale list

  • Rotating groups that consist of several rotated shapes with shadows

Here are some issues we are aware of, and our team is working on them. Just check not to waste your time writing about bugs that are already found.