Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< Significant performance increase!


:dizzy: Added

  • GPU rendering :gem:

  • Significant performance increase :gem:

  • Ouch! – illustrations

  • Moose - photos

  • Workspace colour setup

  • New report system

  • Project shadow copy

:dizzy: Fixed

  • Visual effects

  • Dotted lines

  • Artboard resizing

  • Resizing UI elements

  • Object size block

  • Copying many objects at the same time

Tell us about the bugs you may find in this build.

:arrow_down: Download Lunacy alpha using one of the links:

Google drive



App unable to load

:beetle: We know about the issues with

  • Import SVG image
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for SVG images you find not working.

  • Unexpected errors
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for your reports (Use the new report system, please).

  • Export to SVG

  • Flip for rotated objects

  • Creating symbols from lines

  • Localization

  • Header of the application window at Windows 7/8

Here are some issues we are aware of, and our team is working on them. Just check not to waste your time writing about bugs that are already found.


Importing Public Sans, no font weights