Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< Performance&Stability improvements!


:dizzy: Added

  • Rendering improvements :gem:

  • Stability improvements :gem:

:dizzy: Fixed

  • Masking

  • Page deleting

  • Project saving

  • Symbol panel

  • Export to SVG

  • Import of images

  • Zoom with hotkeys

  • Flip for the text block

  • Selection frame visibility

  • Changing images at groups

Tell us about the bugs you may find in this build.

:arrow_down: Download Lunacy alpha using one of the links:

Google drive



[BUG] Error while opening file (OPEN)

:beetle: We know about the issues with

  • Import SVG image
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for SVG images you find not working.

  • Unexpected errors
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for your reports (Use the new report system, please).

  • Flip for rotated objects

  • Creating symbols from lines

  • Duplication

  • Localization

Here are some issues we are aware of, and our team is working on them. Just check not to waste your time writing about bugs that are already found.