Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< New Vector tool & UI kits!


:dizzy: Added

  • New Vector tool :gem:

  • UI kits :gem:
    Read RADME_UI_kits inside the package!!!

  • External symbols support

  • Step by step duplication

:dizzy: Fixed

  • Reported crashes

  • Image fill use

  • Some problems with undo/redo

  • Import of illustrations

  • UI elements behaviour

Tell us about the bugs you may find in this build.

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Google drive



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Integer values only for X/Y/W/H?
[Bug] Exported assets are very low quality

:beetle: We know about the issues with

  • Import SVG images
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for SVG images you find not working.

  • Unexpected errors
    :postal_horn: We’ll be thankful for your reports (Use the new report system, please).

  • Position of new groups at the object tree

  • Localization

Here are some issues we are aware of, and our team is working on them. Just check not to waste your time writing about bugs that are already found.




Please check the following SVG. I imported it in Lunacy by drag&drop. I started editing it with the new vector tool by selecting points and changing the type (straight/asymmetric/mirrored/disconnected). When i used undo/redo (Ctrl-Z/Ctrl-Shift-Z) the application does not work properly. It seems all the operations with the points types are not stored and after a single undo all the modifications are lost. (878 Bytes)

I wish you success for solving the problem.
Congratulations for current Lunacy version. I just wait for an official paid version so i can use it in production environment.


Thank you for report.
We’ll fix this bug ASAP and update alpha version.