Lunacy dosen't show my SVG Files proper


when i export some graphics from PowerPoint as SVG or any other format it dosen’t show me the text on the files proper in Lunacy. I’ll get an Artbook like on attached screenshot when i import the attached SVG File
Can Anyone help me please?
Thank you (5.8 KB)

Hello, may I ask you for your OS and Lunacy version, please?

Win 10 and Lunacy 8.0.5
Thank you

We’ve found a bug with a text import. We’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

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May I ask you to send me a slide that you were saving in SVG to my DMs or here, please?

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can i have your email?

Sure, I’ve sent my address to your DMs.

We’ve checked the files that you’ve sent. Here’re some workarounds:

– Transform objects to SVG before saving. You’re saving them from SMART image to SVG and it doesn’t usually work out well;
– If you don’t plan to edit this image in Lunacy you can simply copy it via buffer. You get a raster image in Lunacy, but you won’t have to import or export anything :blush:

Let me know if it helps!