Lunacy error with registration on Sketch Cloud

Using 6.9 on Windows 10: When I try to register, I get an error “Fragment spread has no type overlap with parent … In field subscribeToNewsletter. Unknown field.”


Hi there!

We have decided to discontinue the support of Sketch Cloud and here is why.

When we started supporting it, we expected that the Sketch team would finish working on their public API and present the related documentation within 6-8 months. 14 months later things weren’t moving. We put a lot of our time and effort in support of this feature and eventually realized that we’d better spend these man-hours on creating our own cloud with the same functionality.

We released Lunacy Cloud in v.7.0. You can read all about it on this page. We hope that you will find it no less convenient than Sketch Cloud.

If you have any questions about Lunacy Cloud — feel free to share them with us!