Lunacy is looking for a tech writer


Hey, we need a tech writer for Lunacy documentation.

We’d be glad to find either the volunteers or as a part time work.


Since Lunacy documentation is published in the GitHub, you’re welcome to create the pull requests:

An example of a pull request could be:

  1. A typo fix
  2. An updated screenshot
  3. A rewritten or updated section
  4. A hint, hack, know how, etc.

To get started, fork us at


Our documentation corresponds to version 3, so your first task would be to update it.

After that, we need to focus on our unique features, such as:

  1. Asset library
  2. Style suggestions
  3. Smart grouping
  4. AI functionality (coming soon)
  5. Cloud sharing etc.

Finally, we’d need your help expanding the documentation and managing the community requests.

We offer a compensation for that. I don’t have an exact hourly rate in my mind, but probably we can match a good salary level in India, but not in the US.

If interested, please email to We’d like to see the samples of work and a desired outcome, and a paragraph of text describing the cloud sharing option (Alt+C).