Lunacy won't open on elementaryOS

Hey there!

I’m trying to use Lunacy on elementaryOS 6.1, but it just opens an unresponsive, unclosable transparent window. And it stays there till I reboot my entire system.

Here’s a screenshot:

I loved the app on Windows 11 so I’m really looking forward to use it here as well. Any ideas on how to debug it and fix it?



We will look into it shortly. I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

At the moment we officially support only Debian-based Linux distributions. If the problem is not localized and affects other systems too, then we can start working on it.

I had this problem on Manjaro with the flatpack version of Lunacy 8.6.2. I installed using Snap and Lunacy now loads and is usable (although it’s still temperamental).

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