Mac version shows ERROR

Hello Lunacy Team

Thanks for the hard work to developing such amazing app.
there some problem from Mac version .

Not sure because of the new version of Lunacy?
1, I cant save some files .it shows a error …like in the pic

  1. even some files i saved .it cant open by Sketch ,it also shows error in sketch …

The file i cant save is the file that comes from Lunacy. when i first time open

Hey, could you share your exact versions of OS and Lunacy, please?

Lunacy 8.0.8


Btw .it also happening .during the design …

Thanks, we’ll look into this one and get back to you with a reply soon.

here an other error

I use Lunacy to opened one of my Sketch file created by sketch

then i typed some words inside .saved to my desktop…(it saved ,didnt show error ) .

then i use Lunacy to open this file again it shows this

May I ask you to DM me a .sketch filed that you saved that can’t be opened in Sketch and the one from the last message?

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yes .how to send you a Msg from here?

Click on my profile picture and then on the blue ‘Message’ button: