Nesting Master Symbols / Creating instances



Thanks for any assistance.

I have a master symbol that somehow I have successfully added instances of other master symbos to.
For example, a Card/ Type A (cards used in a dashboard) and within that symbol I have Titles/ A , Icon/ B, etc.

I created a really cool set of symbols that covers groupings of text “Rectangle : Top Title : Bottle Title” and I want to add that to my Card. How do I create an instance from a master so I can add it another master?

I am doing this all within my Symbols page since both Masters reside there.

Many thanks!


Ok… Figured out how to do it.

Create instance from Library>Symbols tabs. Feel foolish. I was expecting I could create an instance by right clicking on the Master to invoke actions … seems logical you could do that… instead of going to Library > Symbols, etc. Feature request to add “Create Instance” in addition to the Copy/Paste and Duplicate actions!


Hello, glad you’ve found what you were looking for!
Here is our documentation on Symbols, in case any other questions arise:

And thank you for the feature request, our team is currently discussing the idea and what we can do to make such issues happen less <3