Request for More Food and Ingredient Icons


Hi! I saw someone else request icons in this forum and I have a lot I’d love to see! Let me know if there’s a more appropriate channel to go through.

  • lentils
  • chia (seeds)
  • flax (seeds)
  • rice (grains of rice, not in a bowl)
  • lime
  • coconut milk (depicted as a carton)
  • hemp milk (depicted as a carton)
  • oat milk (depicted as a carton)

I’m going to have more, is it cool to keep adding to this thread?

BTW, I appreciate the omg-img search tool SO MUCH! I hope I can pay you for the full service soon :slight_smile:


Hi Ariel,

Thank you for your request! We can draw all that.

Which style/styles do you prefer for those icons?

Also thank you so much for the kind words about our service! :heart:


Color, cute color, and color hand drawn please!


We will do that!


Hi! I’m curious to know how the icons are coming along.
I appreciate that you take requests and understand that freebie forum requests can’t be the priority :slight_smile:


Hi! We are in the process.

Some of your icons are ready:

(you can change the style below).

Other icons will appear on the website soon! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


:star_struck: these are fantastic! I’m looking forward to the rest :grinning:

Thanks :heart:


Some more requests:


  • Bok Choy
  • You Choy
  • Gailan
  • Collard Greens
  • Chard
  • Brocolini


  • Soy Sauce
  • Rice Vinegar


  • Rolled Oats


Your new request is in progress!

Some more icons are ready:



Back again!

These icons are :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: and I’m so grateful :pray::pray::pray:

I have some more requests if you’re game:

  • Silken Tofu
  • Firm Tofu
  • Tempeh

Silken tofu tends to be blobbier than firm tofu.


Hi! Thank you, we are always glad to receive your feedback and requests!
It will be done :wink:


Red and white miso too please!

And some butters:

  • peanut
  • almond
  • sunflower


Time to get spicy. It would be great to get these in a classy bowl like so:

  • tumeric (aka turmeric)
  • curry powder
  • smoked paprika
  • granulated garlic
  • salt
  • black pepper

These ones are not in bowl form:


Ok :slight_smile: Your request is in progress!


Could I get quinoa in the style of “grains of rice”


Also cilantro in a style similar to the thyme i.e. stalks of cilantro


Sure! We are already working on it :slight_smile:


Love love loving it.

One thing I noticed is that the URL for “Black Pepper” is incorrect. It’s “” (peper instead of pepper)


Big list today.

In the style of the bowl o’ spices:

  • white sesame seeds
  • black sesame seeds


Also, bean sprouts please.


The latter three can look like a bottle of canola oil with the different sources on it. Similar to the almond, coconut, soy milks(

Round Rice cakes (
Long Rice cakes (

Chocolate chips

Matcha powder (bowl o’ spice form is good, but I defer to your creative judgement)

Cashew nuts

Kidney Beans
Mung Beans
Green Beans



Split Peas (green and yellow)

Seaweed (dried for eating)

Balsamic vinegar

Bread crumbs

Mint leaves
Bay Leaf

Goji berries
Dried apricots
Dried cherries


Soba noodles

Mayonaise (vegan)

Dry Pasta:

  • spaghetti
  • linguine
  • farfalle
  • penne
  • rigatoni
  • macaroni
  • fusilli
  • rice noodle (thick and thin)

Butternut squash

Cream Cheese (vegan)

Cocoa Powder
Maple Syrup

As always, thank you times a million.