Sketch cannot open the .sketch file created by Lunacy

OS: Windows 7
Lunacy: v4.1.0.0
Sketch: v57.1

Sketch cannot open the .sketch file which is created by Lunacy on windows.
Already sent the file to you, thank you so much


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Hello friend!
Have you sent this file to or

I sent the .sketch file via Lunacy IDE
Anyway, I’ll sent it to
Please help me find a solution, many thanks.

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Hello Antiwey! The ability to set the fillet so will be eliminated in the next release!
Great thanks for your request. It helped us to make the Lunacy better!
Here is your fixed file!
petbus.sketch (5.7 MB)

It works now!
Thank you so much.

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I am also having same issue! i am in too much trouble… can u please tell me how to fix it??? its urgent for me :frowning:

Hello! Which version of Lunacy do you use?