Snapping Not Working


Since updating to, I’ve noticed that objects aren’t snapping to one another / the artboard.

Is this a bug with the latest update?


Hello, could you please clarify what are the exact problems with the snapping.


Hello, new version is much more stable, but in objects does not snapping almost at all. When move object a red line with crosses appears, but the object moves freely and does not stick to them. Sticking to other objects does not work, sticking to the grid does not work, only works snapping to layout columns/rows. I hope you can easily fix it

Thank You for The Great Soft!!


Hello, snapping will be fixed in some later version. Unfortunately, it will not be included in Alpha By the way the current version of Alpha has lots of great improvements and bugs fixes. Please check out the new Alpha section here: Lunacy - Ready To Use <<< The First Alpha Build Is Here!