Starting out in UI/UX

looking to drastically change my career path and start in ui/ux basicaly from scratch. what is the best way to start? bootcamp? college? some online course? any advice will be appreciated!

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Im in the same position and from what I gathered after spending A TON of hours reading ui/ux threads none of those on their own will do you any good if you wont have enough practice and REAL projects in your portfolio. So now Im looking at some internships too aside from choosing the best way to learn the basic stuff. And I tell you its freaking hard work! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

thanks, man! really feel your struggle there!

Maybe I’ll state the obvious but I think it’s better to start with an online course that is not too pricy and will teach you the basics. I have some personal favorites but I guess I’d be banned for posting links here :wink:
I’d say it’s the most reasonable thing in a situation when you want to make a big change and you’re not 100% sure it’s your thing. I mean, you may change your mind after taking that course, and that won’t be a big deal. Anyway, good luck with your career change!


Hi guys, here’s my story:
In my late 20s I was an ordinary manager at a local bookstore with no degree, ended up like this as they dropped me out of a couple of universities, was majoring in chemistry and IT, neither suited me…whatever
Then my bf’s mom hired me to leading recruiting company, where I spent 8 years sitting at the office by the phone… that was the time I realized something has to change, so I quit my beloved spot and signed up for an online “backend developer” course. It took me a couple of months to graduate, and I still had no job, so the only way for me to get into IT sphere was to start from the very scratch, so I got a job in a local IT company earning thrice less than before due to lack of experience. Then I signed up for QA engineering course within my company’s advanced training, and learned something new, so basically I took advantage of my job to get another job shortly. Finally it was well-paid, and I could afford a couple of extra courses and dared to apply for a remote QA position later, and they paid way more and I gained much more experience, in web-design as well, when another company hired me as a well-experienced specialist, THX GOD!
So now, over all these years I’m working part-time for an American health startup, and try to design websites just for fun.

These days everyone pays for experience, not for degree, and it can be easily proved by completing a test task while applying. Shortly, I thank god for online courses!!! College is no use, just a waste of our precious time :hourglass_flowing_sand:


wow, thanks Jenny! that definetaly gave me some food for thought

if you can shoot me some links in the DMs, I would really appreciate it!

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Sure, I’ll DM you with some links.

btw, I personally follow Jesse Showalter and AJ&Smart on youtube, everything possible is already on youtube lol

thank again, i’ve checked both channels and they seem to be great

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