SVG sprites with symbols


Until not too long ago, I was able to download my collections as minified SVG sprites with properly named symbols using the web app. Now when I download collections as SVG sprites following the same steps I used to do, I’m given only a single SVG file in which icons aren’t broken into symbols. How can I download SVG sprites in the same format as before?


Yep, it’s us ;o) Sorry, we’ve accidentally broken the tool. We promise to fix it by the end of the next week. Could you please remind us, the exact file structure that was previously used. You may send the files directly to my email:


Thank you very much. You can’t imagine how relieved I am to hear that. It was such a convenience that the whole day I’ve been thinking about what I was going to do without it. I’ve email you the SVG sprite file I had from before. Feel free to let me know if I can do anything else, as I’m really looking forward to seeing this functionality back.


That’s amazing to feel that our help makes people happier and their life easier. Yep! I’ve got the file. We’ll surely inform you upon the fix is ready.


Hey again. I was wondering if you have a new estimate for when we can expect a fix for this, so we can plan accordingly.


We expect to have it ready by this incoming Thursday night. Most of the preliminary work is done as reported by our devs. Sorry for the long delay. We do appreciate your patience!


That’s great to hear. Thank you for the update!


Sure, glad to be of help!