Symbol overrides


When I apply a text override on an instance of a symbol (the symbol consists of a text and a square), the instance gets reset to the text of the master-symbol as soon as I change something on the master symbol. I realised that symbols set up with sketch work fine and text within instances are not altered when the master symbol is changed. Thanks for any help!


We could not reproduce the issue in version 4.4.1. In what version of Lunacy have you observed this issue?


Thank you for your quick reply! I am using also 4.4.1. I realised now that the override does not even get saved. When overriding an instance, it appears not to recognise it as an override (right click on the instance / “reset override” remains gray). [Windows 10 Home, 1903, 64Bit, 16GB RAM].


We are proud to announce that the issue has been fixed in the latest version 4.5 released just a few days ago! Please let us know how it will work for you.