Symbols disappear when used in other symbols



Going to try to be as specific as possible as I am not allowed to share my source file (client confidentiality does not allow it):

  1. I created a set of icons to be used in a toolbar
  2. Then converted these into symbols
  3. Next I used these icons in a toolbar
  4. And further converted this toolbar into a symbol (to be used as a UI kit)

the result is, that all the symbols I reused in the toolbar have disappeared from both the symbols overview (Alt+2) as well as from my UI-kit.

Edit: I did some more digging, this happens when you insert something from within the UI-Kit (Alt-7) into the master symbol. When inserting from the symbols overview (Alt+2) everything is fine.

Any suggestions?

Best regards, DJ


Hello DJ!

The matter is that you consider instances as master symbols, but master symbols are on a separate page:


Here’s a short video showing how create master symbols:

And please also find here a detailed tutorial where a difference between an instance and master symbol is described. I hope it will help!


Hello Eugenia,

Thanks for getting back. It is not what I meant however. I know there is a difference between an instance and a symbol. What happens however is this (it is in the single file I use as a UI kit):

  1. Create a symbol (Symbol A). Everything is fine, symbol is there on the separate symbols page. And also available as an element that can be selected from my custom UI kit (Alt+7).
  2. Create a new element and put Symbol A in that element via the UI kit route (Alt+7).
  3. Now turn the new element with symbol A in it into a symbol itself (Symbol B). Symbol A is then no longer available. It is not there anymore in the separate Symbols page (alt+2), nor is it available as an element in the UI kit.


Hello! Can you give us some more details please - how do you get a created symbol in UI kits?
Please describe the steps that lead to this point. For example:

  • You created a new document
  • You created a symbol (what did you create it from?)
  • You saved a document (is at a local or cloud UI kit?)
  • You added a document as a kit.

Another thing, when you put in symbol B - is the document the same where the symbol A was created? It looks like some action is missing.

Here’s what we can assume so far:

It would help a lot if you could make a short video of what actions you take to get the described result, as we were not able to reproduce it yet. Thanks!


Hope this helps.

Regards, DJ


Thanks! I see. The matter is that UI kits don’t have an update system yet. You need to remove the old one and add a new one then. Hope this will solve the issue.
UPD: the bug when symbols change from internal to external when saving will be fixed in the next releases.


No, that is not the solution. The kit still has only one element after removal and adding a new one. The problem is somewhere in adding an element from the Kit page (alt+7) and then create a new element. Because when you add a symbol from the symbols page (alt+2) to an element and turn it into a symbol, both are available. From the symbols page as well as elements in the kit.