Symbols exists but not displayed


Hi everybody !

I’m using Lunacy to edit a sketch file, everythings works good until today !

I don’t know if i make a mistake, but some of my symbols disapear wheras it exists ! (I can import some of it, but i can’t see them in the Symbols page, because the scroll is at the maximun !)

When I import the symbol, and double click on it, I can see it on Symbol page, but when i scroll it disapear again…

Do you have any solution to this ?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, FlorianR! And G-thanks for finding that bug!
If you want to make a symbol visible - you shoud try to edit it.
BTW our dev-team will fix that as fast as possible.
Best regards!


Hi Artem,

Thanks for your answer

When i load my file, i can see all my symbols, but when i scroll, a part of symbols disapear and i need to click on instance to display it (and sometins, i have an error and i can’t see my symbols). When my symbol is displayed, i scroll again, and it disapear again.

You can see what happens on the video:

By the way, is it a know issue on Lunacy ?

Thanks for your help



Hi again, FlorianR!
Its a known issue, surely. Our dev-team will try to fix it as fast is they can.

For now i can advice you these:
The fact it all depends on the flag. If there is a flag in the symbol creation dialog - then the master is created on the symbol page. If not - then this is the very instance.