The prototype has not been created yet. You don't have access to create a prototype

When i click on the play icon, an error occur : “The prototype has not been created yet. You don’t have access to create a prototype”, while there are many prototypes on my project.

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Could you please state your OS and Lunacy version?

i’m on MacOS BigSur 11.5.1 and Lunacy version 8.4.0

Thank you

I will pass this to our devs and will get back to you when I have an answer

And could you also please clarify, what exactly did you mean by the “there are many prototypes on my project” bit?

Does the error occur with a particular file, while the functionality works fine with others?
Or does it occur when you have many prototyping links within a project?

Update : it works I rearranged the pages by aligning them horizontally instead of vertically, and it works

Well, that’s great!

But sounds like a bug anyway, so we’d like to find it.
Do you mind sharing the file the issue happened with? You can do this via DMs

I send it to you if you want, but I just saw while trying to reproduce the problem that the problem was solved

Yeah, we’d like to have a look at it anyway, to see what could’ve gone wrong initially.

Here it is (306.7 KB)

Thanks a lot!