This is where we part ways, but I will remember you!

Hello Lunacy <3

My road towards 2D Vector Graph Design and Motion Graphics started with something as simple as drawing Spiderman in MS Paint. I then started doing some more fashionable pieces in programs like Google Slides, Google Drawings and MS PowerPoint. I was creating presentations and simplistic (no colour) UI designs for mobile devices.

Later I got tasked with creating a bunch of icons, maybe 30 or so icons. The icons needed to be delivered asap, and the format needed to be SVG. At the time I had no idea what an SVG file was, and I had no interest in paying expensive fees for software to do some work in a field I’m only just testing out. So I came across Lunacy.

I downloaded Lunacy and started trying to figure out how to use it. I spent all sleepless hours of that night trying to make icons in Lunacy. I had never before actually worked with any type of vector software. It took time, lot’s of it, to figure out vector logic as well as what I could do with it in Lunacy. But it was always Lunacy that I used, and it was from Lunacy I learned my first set of skills in vector design.

I have now used Lunacy for about 8 months, and I’ve now moved on. But I will always remember Lunacy, because this was the software that gave me all of those “aha” moments, “so that’s something you can do”, “oh, I didn’t know that” and so on. I’ve also taught some basic vector design to a group of students using Lunacy, as it is a completely free software.

Lunacy will always have a special place in my heart, but I have now completed my transition to another more powerful (paid) software. It is with a bit of pain in my chest that I pressed the uninstall button today.

A big thank you to everyone behind the beautiful, wonderful, ludicrous Lunacy software!
Keep up the fantastic work!


That’s one of the most wonderful things that we ever heard about Lunacy, thanks so much!

It’s great to know that Lunacy fulfills its main purpose – helping people grow and evolve as professionals, no matter where they are at with their careers. The story that you’ve told us here is one of the most rewarding things that we get from our work – just to know that Lunacy played a role in your formation as a designer makes all the endless hours that we’ve put into this software worthwhile!

Although it’s sad for us that we have to part too, we get that all things must pass and it’s your time to move on to somewhere else. However, there’s always a chance for a reunion! It would be great if you could share what you were missing in Lunacy – maybe we’ll be able to add those things sometime in the future.


Wow Lucas, thank you so much for sharing your touching story with Lunacy with us!

After reading this, I want to ask you a few questions. This will give us valuable insight into how we help designers of all levels.

It would be interesting to know what specific Lunacy features made you feel that way? What seemed comfortable and what didn’t? What kind of content did you create with us and how did you use the product when you gave lessons to students?

Share the details with us here, or if you have some free time, email me for a short interview at :).

Wow, I felt like I was reading a sad love story. :broken_heart: :cry:

We felt it too! We hope that there’ll be a happy end, though :relaxed:

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