What is the best design tool out there?

So, what’s the best design tool for UI/UX designers in 2021? What do you guys use?

I trust this website

Personally, I want to stay as much as I can in Whimsical. For me, it replaces 90% of Axure use cases. Also, with our design system, I can avoid 70% of pixel pushing in Figma/Sketch/Lunacy.

Otherwise, I’m comfortable with Photoshop and Illustrator, Axure, Sketch, Principle, Figma, and Lunacy, and use all of them from time to time.

Another question: which products did you use a lot, but not anymore? My list: Axialis Iconworkshop, Imageready (also, I don’t use any of its functionality they moved to Photoshop), Dreamweaver, and some GIF editor which I forgot how it’s called.

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This isn’t even a question. It’s pretty obvious that Figma is the only tool that makes sense nowadays, everythig else is just a mess. I mean, are there any professional designers who wouldn’t agree?

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Figma is the way to go! Pretty much all the other stuff mentioned here is OK too, except for ALL Adobe products – buggy as hell and keep getting worse with each update. I wouldnt touch their products with a stick!!!

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I’m just a newbie here in search of bright ideas, but will share a little. I use Figma for prototyping and then polish it all with Illustrator and Photoshop. Why I personally looove Figma is that it has tons of plugins and what’s more important the collaboration tool which’s rather useful for me as a beginner.
Just came upon Lunacy and I find it extremely convenient and simple as hell, when will you guys release the Mac version? Users gonna sue you for Mac OS discrimination LOL

What’s the best design tool? It defnatly depends on user’s experience and professional level, so I can use the basic ones covering my humble needs while other people are way more sophisticated and are just forever looking for something new to try.

My biggest wish is if they improve MS Paint so that it covers all our needs, as it’s something I’m used to since the very childhood :smiley:

Right, ImageReady was a high point of Adobe. After that, it went downhill.

thats a nice one :joy: