What is UX design?

As a beginner in web design, I was wondering: what do people actually mean by user experience design? This term is used so often, but I think people may understand it differently.

Don Norman, the inventor of the term “user experience,” said that a product is an integrated set of experiences. This made me think that smooth workflow is more important than features when we talk about UI. For example, some designers say that they hate particular features (or lack of them) in Sketch, but the workflow is so smooth and efficient that they don’t want to change it for anything else. It’s about those little things, connections between processes, that make it pleasant to use.

How would you describe UX design to someone who has never heard of it? If you have any examples of software that makes you happy with its UX, that would be great too! Thanks in advance.

Alright, where is that UI/UX ketchup picture…

  1. ux = how the user feels about the app, environment, book, or anything else
  2. some questions have much better answers on youtube and google, this is one of them
  3. it doesnt matter what some old person says, tons of words have always changed over time, go check that out - etymology and english.stackexchange.com may be good for that
  4. since ux = how the user feels about the app, environment, book, or anything else – nothing is more important in ux than anything else aside from how the user feels
  5. and obvs users would feel differently about all kinds of things
  6. some ppl may not want to change something, but some do

there are very few things i’d say have good ux, but that’s me. a few things that have good ux are these:

  • chrome - a whole team at google made it, and while google (just like any other big tech company) makes lots of bad things, this one is good
  • onenote (the one from the microsoft site, and not the one from the microsoft store), best note taking app there is
  • “photos” a default app on windows 10, easy to use
  • “snipping tool” - for taking screenshots, windows 10 default app, easy to use
  • upnote - replacement for evernote, just started testing, impressed how clean it is check it out
  • youtube - best video player out of all video apps, which is quite sad…
  • vimeo - best video player in terms of quality video output on the web
  • vscode - best code editor by microsoft
  • priorities - best todo list on mobile with the absolute best ux of them all
  • trello - best todo list in the whole world for desktop
  • milanote - seems like possibly a very good trello replacement and whiteboard and good for various things, havent tested yet
  • dynalist - best outliner in whole world, i think this was made by 1 person, erica, she went to not one of the top canadian schools, but a pretty good one, and i think it was funded later on?, its pretty impressive, not really sure whats going on with it
  • plenty of games have much much better ux and ui than regular apps software do - at least like 10x better than regular apps, check the best ones out
  • android is overall better than ios, and defintley when it comes to ux
  • simplenote - later brought by wordpress had/has the best ui for notes in the universe, sad there’s nothing else like it

while this toipic of ux may be new to you, its a very old and done and completed topic for some ppl
go check each of those things out

“happy with its UX” is different from what has good ux, a few of these i’d say makes me happy

and websites? oh boy… theres so so so many more sites than apps, and so so much fewer good ones, i cant think of a single one atm

discourse, the software used for forums like this one, is pretty good, would def prefer to use a forum that uses discourse than all the nothingness and extremely bad forums out there for sure. if a site has a forum, and is not using discourse as as forum, im afaird

but a really good website that’s not using a standard software in terms of layout… that’s a really hard one. cant think of any i’d want to be on or look at