Where you first learn of lunacy

its hard to find things like lunacy, theres very few users of these apps, especially the newer ones since everyone uses adobe stuff

from what you can remember where was the first time you learend about this? link to,or where did you first learn about it?

i dont know yet if lunacy does whats needed, it seems more complex than the somewhat simple thing i need, maybe a simple drawing type app like excalidraw may be better but we’ll find out

lunacy has a cool sidebar on left side that shows a kind of toc / outline. when you hover over each file/note, see where that is on the screen - that thing is highlighted on the screen. what other things you know of does that btw?


I’ve started out with Lunacy recently, just like you :wink: found it accidentally while downloading the desktop app with icons, and I can tell you that this manual is worth reading, it’s soooo goood and what’s even better is the video manual on YouTube. One can’t describe it better!