Workflow for .eps .svg .psd files


Hey Lunacy community

Is there any possibility to import .eps .svg .psd files?
Just saw, that there is only the possibility to open .sketch files.

Or optionally how to convert .eps .svg .psd files to .sketch files first, without loosing the layers.

Thanks Go


Hey there! These are the importing options available in Lunacy:
from PC
from web
from buffer
Importing: SVG/PNG/JPG
Exporting: PNG/SVG


Thanks a lot @Sergey,

but this wasn’t my question. All these options, explained in the video, don’t bring me an SVG import, without loosing the layers. For example I’m not able to edit a color for one single layer of this SVG.

So my questions stays, if there is any possibility to import .eps .svg .psd files or convert them to .sketch files without loosing all layers?

Thanks Go


Sorry, my yesterday answer was unclear. Currently, we do not support .eps and .psd files at all. If you face any issue with exporting/importing of an SVG, please send it to us for inspection. Please comment on how the SVG was created.


@Sergey - Thanks

Stacking a little bit with your answer. I got, that there is no support for .eps and .psd files. But I also can’t import a .svg file, right?

If so allow me to repeat my question, what’s the best way to convert such files to .lunacy or . sketch files, for being able to open them in Lunacy with all their layers.

The normal way I create .svg files is saving them from the original .eps file with AI, but there are hundreds of options to do that.