Yellow skin color?


I’ve noticed all the people icons default to a white skin color, and want to use a yellow or other non-real skin color to be inclusive in a default icon behavior. Is there a standard icon name suffix for something like a yellow skin color? I’ve noticed there are some standard skin types with a common naming scheme (, but these all represent specific real skin types; I’m looking for something I can default to that won’t be alienating to any person’s skin color.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!!


Perfect point. Maybe we should draw them. I’ve created the idea for you:

It already has my vote; let’s add few votes more and make it happen.


Thanks for taking action on this! We’ve been glad to see all of the new skin type 7 icons, and will be swapping these in for all person icons we use.

I wanted to check in on where this effort is at and if more will be coming soon? As examples, Manager and Doctor don’t have that type yet, and Administrator Male has one while Administrator Female does not.

We understand there’s a large number of icons to work through, but really want to end up in an inclusive state where all person icons use a neutral tone. Thanks!