3D Files For Custom Posing and Textures

I discovered a site that used an image from the 3D Casual Life library, but they were able to use different textures in the 3D model. How were they able to achieve this and is there a way to download the 3D Casual Life 3D models and customize character poses and textures? Thank you.

Here is the page that used a custom texture for reference: Dashboard: Flexy React Dashboard

Here is the image in Icons8: 3D young woman practising meditation while holding tablet Illustration in PNG, SVG


We don’t offer downloading the 3D models behind the illustrations, those are for our internal use, thus changing poses is not possible.

But recoloring them is. Paid users are able to download source files for the illustration (.png + masks), so the images can be recolored using the masks, for example in Photoshop.

Here is a short tutorial from our YT Channel:

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