5.4.1 SVG doesn't load


I have problems loading certain SVG files (which were generated by Sketch on Mac) into Lunacy. Using the latest Windows Store version (5.4.1).

Here is a ZIP file with problematic SVGs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r1PhEwSRvY2979z4N6HDDbefC6eF0JNO
Any particular reason why they don’t work?


Hello, thank you a lot for sending in the SVGs in question, we managed to find out the reason of this issue and will fix it asap. Please, keep an eye on the release notes of the upcoming updates to be the first to learn when it happens. Thank you!

Awesome, thanks!

I have another issue regarding the SVGs I posted above.

For example take a look at bmp00151.svg and bmp00163.svg. These are supposed to have rounded rectangles (in 151, the orange background behind text, in 163, the outer frame and Cancel and OK buttons are all supposed to be rounded). Lunacy unfortunately doesn’t seem to recognize this?

Thank you for the detailed description. We are currently working on improving the svg’s import functionality, so the issue should be solved in one of the next few app updates.

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Hello there! Thank you for fixing the SVG import of rounded rectangles in Lunacy 5.7! Much obliged. :slight_smile:

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Sure, thank you for letting us know that everything works fine on your end! <3