About Fugue (music marketplace)

Fugue is a marketplace of stock music for videos, games, streams, and other projects.

We receive many questions about how to use our music:

Can I use your music for free?

I can’t find a song I need

What are Content ID and PRO tags?

I have received a Content ID claim. What should I do?

A Content ID dispute wasn’t resolved in my favor

What is the difference between a ContentID claim and a Copyright Takedown on YouTube?

If your question is different, you are welcome to ask it here!

I actually have a question as I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else, so please advise.

If to observe all these tags, I find ones for vocals, but can’t find anything like this among genres/moods/themes. Why is that so?

Another thing I’d suggest is having an option to save some tracks for later, like saving them to favorites :heart: or smth, or creating folders/collections. You do have the same thing for Icons, please consider improving the Fugue UX the same way, it would be just fantastic!

I’ve already read the FAQ on PRO and content ID, and having an option to show all tracks without these tags would ease the life a lot!

All in all, the selection of tracks is amazing, and what I personally like is that I can use it as a random radio :radio: Everyone’s crazy about Spotify these days, so if you make an option to listen to your music and create my own playlists choosing fav musicians, seeing the best suggestions, it would be DOPE AF! :fire:

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Hi Jenny,

Thanks for such detailed and thoughtful feedback on Fugue! :heart_eyes: You’re just in time: currently, we’re redesigning our music marketplace and adding many new features.

I think your ideas are pretty awesome! A list of favorites is a great time-saving option for a music stock, so we’ll definitely consider adding it. Having a filter for female/male vocals would be a good idea as well.

We’re also planning to add playlists and a menu of music categories where you’ll be able to choose music for a particular project or activity.
Our revamped Fugue will be up pretty soon. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Good to know that someone still gathers feature requests in such a huge company! Can’t wait to see these updates with my own eyes, it will literally BOOST THE FUGUE! :rocket: