About Lunacy (graphic design tool)

Lunacy is a graphic design app for Windows, iOS, and Linux. It has built-in icons, vector illustrations, photos, AI features, and more. It is designed to work with Sketch files and works perfectly offline.

Here you can find more information on how to create with Lunacy:

Our users create tutorials for Lunacy, and we are proud to share their work with the community. We’ve started gathering a collection of video tutorials created by Lunacy enthusiasts:

You can subscribe to our Lunacy channel to find more tutorials and explainer videos.

No matter if you are a design pro or a newbie, you are welcome to join the community, discuss Lunacy-related topics, ask questions to creators, and share your ideas.

checked it out, seems like a nice tool. hope that there will be a browser version someday tho

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Any idea when the Mac version will be released? I can’t wait to finally have Lunacy on my laptop!

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The Mac version of Lunacy is scheduled to be released in the beginning of October. Keep an eye on the updates :wink:

Oh, that’s pretty soon then :grinning:
Thanks, Alexey for your prompt reply :pray:

Is there a way to take a look at it now? Do you have a beta test version?

Ellio, sure, we have a beta version, and I’ll send you the link to download it.

By the way, ve created a topic for all our users who are testing the macOS and Linux beta releases. Feel free to join and share your thoughts!

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