Add colors to the new Color Palette generator


I discovered with pleasure the new feature of the color palette generator when starting with a new project. It starts with 8 colors but unfortunately, when I delete a color in the selection there doesn’t seem to be a way to add it back. Am I missing something? It would really be great to add colors back.

I like the idea of having a quick overview of my main color palette below the Workspace settings when I’m not clicking on anything on my project, instead of going into the color picker menu.


You can undo the action of deleting a color with ctrl+z, but there’s no ability to restore that exact palette if you came back to it later, only to generate another one.

Hi Georg,
it is not so much the problem of restoring the colors of the palette to its previous state but to add a new color to the palette overall.

Can I make a little feature request for this to be possible in a future version? :smiley:

Best regards

Got it!

Sure, we’ll see what we can do