Add Support For dds Files

What Is DDS?

Simple Exsplnation: :face_with_monocle:

A DDS file is a raster image saved in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) container format. It can store compressed and uncompressed pixel formats. DDS files are often used for texturing video game unit models but may also be used to store digital photos and Windows desktop backgrounds.
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Complex Explanation: :thinking:

A DDS file is a binary file that contains the following information:
A DWORD (magic number) containing the four-character code value 'DDS ’ (0x20534444).
A description of the data in the file.
The data is described with a header description using DDS_HEADER
The pixel format is defined using DDS_PIXELFORMAT.
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Lunacy Support :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Currently, Lucdcy Dose does not support DDS files, they are used when making textures for games.

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Workaround :gear:

If you need to work on .dds files, simply convert them to svg format witch is supported.
you can use online conversion tools, and they are accurate 88% of the time
Simplify search google for “convert dss files to svg”

Downside :-1:

All the conversion websites are filed with ads and most of them have a limit per day.

Thank you for sharing this idea with us! At the moment we don’t have any set plans for introducing .dds format support. Maybe we’ll add something like this in the future, but it seems like a pretty complicated task since Lunacy is cross-platform now.