Additional API features (categories, pixel perfect size, colors, multiple platforms)


I like the slim and easy to use icon8 API. However I’m missing a couple of features. (If some are already implemented, I would be happy for a link to the documentation or to see the documentation beeing updated.)

Get all available CATEGORIES

The returning json should contain

  • name (localized)
  • commonName
  • platforms - list of supported platforms (ios11, m_rounded, aso.)

Get all available PLATFORMS

The returning json should contain

  • name (localized)
  • commonName
  • monochrome - if true, the icons for this platform have one color that can be changed
  • pixelPerfect - the default size for icons of this platform

Extend the existing JSON result
The existing JSON might be extended to include the following values
(For each icon)

  • pixelPerfect - the default size for this icon
  • monochrome - if true, this icon has only one color that can be changed
    (For the whole result)
  • total - the total number of images found for the given term and selection

Extend the search
The existing search could be extended to allow the following

  • add multiple platforms so icons for multiple platforms can be searched at once
  • monochrome=true to only return images, that have one color.

That would be really awesome. What do you think?


Hi Daniel,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a feedback about our API service. We will take a closer look at it, but I can already say that we can implement some of these features in the future.

By the way, we have updated our API documentation, if you haven’t seen it yet:


Wow, how awesome is this!
You may either read my mind and already implemented this before I even thought it, or your support is out of this world.
The new API syntax is nearly identical with the old and works by just changing the URL. “countAll” is already included (was “total” in my suggestion) and the “platforms” and “categories” search are there! And they include all helpfull details like “isColor”, “size”, “iconsCount”, and some preview image references. Brilliant! I love you :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested the “platforms” and “categories”. Simple and good! The only thing I’m missing is language support for the “platforms”-search.
I then expect the “title” field to contain the localized string (or a separate “name” field as in the icon- and categories-search).

Thanks, you really made my day!


Hi! Not all platforms and categories have correct translations right now. We will update translations in a week.