Affiliate program approve


My name is Di, I just sign up your affiliate program at

but when I login, there is no assets for me.

is it need approved for affiliate member?

I am very apricated if get help, thank you.


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Hi Di,
Thanks for your application!

Your profile was not approved yet. If you’d like to speed up the process, please, send us some more details:

  • channels where you are planning to post affiliate links;

  • some information about your audience.

You can send it to

Hi elena,

Thank you!

I have sent.


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Hi elena,

I have sent the email with details as requested, but there are still no assets available there.

Has my profile not been approved yet?

Thank you.

Hi! To become a member of our affiliate program, you have to have a website, blog, podcast, or social media channels with high traffic and quality design. You can read more about the conditions here: Icons8 Affiliate Program | Affiliate signup | Icons8
We haven’t found any related links in your application, unfortunately.


I do have website and social media channels,

I have sent the email with my channels and my website to your company’s email.

and I have submit the channels with into my affiliate dashboard Source Tab, could you please recheck it in my ?

Sources | Icons8 (

Thank you.


could you please recheck my channels Infor?

thank you.

We’ll check it again, thank you!


What are quantitative requirements for high traffic? How many channels should one have to fit the program?
“You have to have a website, blog, podcast, or social media channels with high traffic and quality design”
I consider my channel having a high traffic, but it can look low for the others. How do I know that I qualify before applying?

Hi! Here are the approximate requirements for becoming our affiliate:

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Thank you, now it’s clear enough. Need to work a little to reach these figures, so I’ll be back with more icons and more followers :sunglasses:

Do well and come back soon! :wink:

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can i ask you that i have to all of these rule or 1 or some of these rule?

Just one of them would be enough to apply to our affiliate program. Please fill out the form here, and we’ll get back to you if you qualify!

I mean this rule to be approved. Can you explain this? all or one of these. If my number enought …

If you have at least one of those numbers, it will be enough to apply.

can u let me know how long do icons8 get back to me?
i already waiting for long time.

Sure! We have approved your application. Please, check your email to see what’s coming next :envelope_with_arrow: