Affiliate program approve


My name is Di, I just sign up your affiliate program at

but when I login, there is no assets for me.

is it need approved for affiliate member?

I am very apricated if get help, thank you.


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Hi Di,
Thanks for your application!

Your profile was not approved yet. If you’d like to speed up the process, please, send us some more details:

  • channels where you are planning to post affiliate links;

  • some information about your audience.

You can send it to

Hi elena,

Thank you!

I have sent.


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Hi elena,

I have sent the email with details as requested, but there are still no assets available there.

Has my profile not been approved yet?

Thank you.

Hi! To become a member of our affiliate program, you have to have a website, blog, podcast, or social media channels with high traffic and quality design. You can read more about the conditions here: Icons8 Affiliate Program | Affiliate signup | Icons8
We haven’t found any related links in your application, unfortunately.


I do have website and social media channels,

I have sent the email with my channels and my website to your company’s email.

and I have submit the channels with into my affiliate dashboard Source Tab, could you please recheck it in my ?

Sources | Icons8 (

Thank you.


could you please recheck my channels Infor?

thank you.

We’ll check it again, thank you!