Any way to use icons like font awesome?


Im subscribed to icons 8 and use that a lot on my desktop app. Now, I need to use that in my web apps. Theres any way use that icons in my web app? Like font awesome do? Don’t matter if is online o locally.

Best regards.


I believe you have to install them as a font on your computer


I see my question was not clear.

Theres any way to use icons8 stuff on a web site ala font awesome? as a class in css? not like a simple picture?

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Hello Donald,

All of our single colored icons are available as web fonts. If you would like to download an icon collection as a font, please, choose the collection and click Download > Font. It is a paid feature, so you would need to buy a license (if you don’t have it yet).


Thanks Elena, I just download the fields. Now my doubt is how to reference that in my html.

Theres any tutorial?

Im only have experience using font awesome.

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Maybe you would be interested in our Line Awesome icon set:
You can use it exactly the same way as Font Awesome.

If you are looking for a way to add the icons to your HTML code, we have this option in the menu on the right side from each icon: (“Embed HTML”).


Now my doubt is how to reference that in my html.

Like this:

Useful: after you generate the font, there’s a demo file included.