Anyone know tutorial on how to resize canvas?

Couldn’t find anything in terms of resizing canvas. My graphics are bigger than the canvas and that’s ok, want to auto crop them once I resize the canvas to size needed.

I am on Windows 10, version9.2.1

The canvas itself is infinite. If you are talking about a frame, then you can change its size by dragging a control point in one of the corners:

Georg, sorry I come from a different background, where the canvas usually has a finite size.
So if I wanted to start with a finite size that would be the frame?
OK< so in this case I have a frame and the layer graphic is spilling outside of it, and that is ok, doing a skrim design for a music band and the album art is too big as it’s from an LP (front and back).
SO if I want to trim all that spillage, how do I do that? In your example the spillage would be the parts of the leaf that are outside of the rectangle, I need to chop them off.


When you select an image that extends past the frame edges, you will see the Crop option on the top. This will let you cut the image as you need it: